Consider Elizabeth as a speaker or even host for any of your upcoming events. Her research for her latest novel, The Year the Stars Fell, has given her glimpses into the early, formative years of Shiawassee County, Michigan. Her research of that era would not only make her an animated speaker, but she’d also dress the part in an early 19th century outfit. Indian folklore, migrating settlers, Shiawassee River details can be highlighted in many of her talks to your guests.

Talking about writing is another one of her favorite topics. She’s experienced in self-publishing workshops, as well as writer’s training in subjects such as character development, writing great dialogue, and story arcs. Sharing her love of writing is paramount when standing in front of other fellow writers.

Perhaps your book club would enjoy a visit from her or your church needs a keynote speaker for a fun afternoon luncheon or ladies tea. Whatever the event, Elizabeth will do her best to make it entertaining and informative. At the conclusion of the event, Elizabeth would be happy to greet your guests as well as autograph books for purchase.

For more information and costs, contact Elizabeth at: [email protected].